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Taking extreme pride in our work at Higher Recruitment, our team asks the right questions, formulates a plan, and focuses on the steps needed to uncover the perfect match. We won’t stop until we reach the finish line. We thoroughly enjoy the process and building relationships with organizations, HR managers, and applicants to make their futures brighter.

Our services are designed intentionally to serve clients where they are. Our goal is always to help identify gaps in your staffing and search for specific talent needed to fill those positions. We then work tirelessly to locate that talent for you as quickly as possible. Here are three ways to work with us—all with great flexibility to meet your needs.


Most of our clients request this level of service, and we do this extremely well. Searches are conducted on a retained or contingency basis with exclusive or non-exclusive contracts. We are successful in any scenario and will recommend a specific course of action if it would serve you best.

To begin, our team has deep conversations with your stakeholders and/or hiring managers to identify your unique personnel requirements. We want to fully understand your culture and what makes this an attractive opportunity for the right candidate.

We then work diligently to uncover qualified applicants, interview them, verify their credentials, discuss the position, benefits, and compensation, and ensure they are a great fit.


Our exclusive, concierge-style services are perfect for those companies that need full coverage for the search. We provide all the targeted search elements in our Enhanced program.

In addition, we will also write job descriptions and help create interview questions, make travel arrangements for interviews and relocations (hotel/flights/car), manage onboarding, and regular check-ins after the hire.

Our perspective on these red-carpet services is that we are responsible for everyone involved in the search and transition. We know you don’t have time for all the details, and we will cover that for you. We’ll get it done quickly and efficiently and make sure everyone is in the loop and comfortable with the process. We are naturals at full-service recruiting.


This level of service is for clients who need volume hiring. We fill the role of the trusted advisor, contracting for organizational planning, workforce planning, talent acquisition, and timelines. We conduct this type of recruiting for mass hiring that’s needed quickly.

For companies with these immediate needs, we add value and support for your recruiting team or act as your recruiting/HR team if you don’t yet have one established. We are highly skilled at recruiting, project management, trajectory planning, and onboarding—all bases covered.

We also provide in-person, interactive, proprietary training for executives, hiring managers, and talent acquisition professionals within organizations to drive veteran hiring initiatives and understanding of our military talent community.

Promoting Success & Growth

“I’d like to share my exceptional experience with Higher Recruitment for my new role. I was impressed by the professionalism, efficiency, and transparency. The seamless coordination and support from Sarah and the team played a significant role in my decision. I believe that their approach not only benefits candidates like me but also contributes to the success and growth of companies in the telecommunications industry!”

— Freddie James, Director of Operations at All Points Broadband