Stephanie Walker

Associate Recruiter

Meticulous. Empathetic. Collaborative.

With five years in the industry, Stephanie thrives on the dynamic nature of recruitment. She welcomes the opportunity to connect talented individuals with exciting career opportunities and the satisfaction of making a positive impact on both candidates and companies. 

Steph earned a bachelor’s degree in business management and specializes in talent acquisition strategies, employer branding, and fostering strong partnerships between employers and job seekers. She is a continual learner who keeps up with industry trends and strives to deliver the highest quality results for Higher Recruitment clients.

You’ll find Steph hanging out with family and friends, volunteering, or lost in a good story. She loves camping, enjoying nature, and trying new foods. Savage, Minnesota is home to Steph, and she’s drawn to its blend of urban amenities and outdoor recreational opportunities. 

Steph’s close-knit family includes her teenage son and daughter. They all feel blessed with their dog, Bear, who was discovered by her daughter as a tiny puppy on the streets of Mexico. She took him under her wing, bottle-fed and cared for him. Steph loves parasailing and treasures the memory of soaring high above breathtaking Jamaican landscapes. Her bucket list? An adventurous trip to Ireland and Paris with her children!