Haley Wegscheid


Organized. Spunky. Dependable.

Haley is currently studying to complete an International Business major and has worked in the recruiting arena for nearly a year. She enjoys the closely connected community of Higher Recruitment as well as speaking with many different personalities and learning about the various work styles of candidates. 

As she increases her knowledge of business and talent acquisition, she is learning a lot from her mentors in the company. In her previous positions at restaurants and golf courses, she worked with a wide range of personalities, ages, and lifestyles. All these experiences have taught her to be personable and inclusive.

Enjoying nature makes Haley’s world go ‘round. She likes being outdoors and finding hiking trails or nature reserves to explore at home or when traveling. Currently a resident of Excelsior, Minnesota, Haley loves living near Lake Minnetonka and the perfect mix of being close to nature and the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro where there is an abundance of museums, zoos and parks.

Haley lives close to her parents and brother, but far from her older sister who is in San Diego. She has been studying Spanish for eight years, and her goal is to hike Machu Picchu before she’s 30 years old!